Other Activities

More than just off road driving days

We work closely with a variety of well respected organisations allowing us to provide a quiver full of options for the perfect activity day.

If you don’t see the activity for your group, then contact us and we will do all we can to help find and integrate the activity into your day’s events.

Air Rifle target shooting – Air rifles are equipped with telescope sights. You’ll require good hand – eye co-ordination to hit the targets set out for you. The targets are placed to offer differing degrees of difficulty.You can decide whether to try for the easy targets or try for the much harder but higher scoring ones


Blind Driving – Yes you did read it right! This is a great way to build trust within a team. Guide each person around our course – but there’s a catch – loads of fun and really brings your group together and breaks down barriers (not literally we hope!).

Reverse-steer Landy – This really does your head in! Your objective is to manoeuvre the land rover around a simple track without hitting the markers, sounds easy. Problem is, you turn right it turns left and left it turns right and Just when you think you have mastered it oops!! . Lots of fun to do and watch.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – Groups can learn how to use a shotgun and then practice shooting a moving target. Full instruction is given before you begin to practice, the session finishes with a 20 “bird” competition to find the best marksman or woman. A variety of guns will be available to suit everyone.

Archery – For everyone who ever wanted to be Robin Hood or a Red Indian! You receive full tuition, discover whether you are left or right eye dominant (it’s important you know)?

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