Xtreme Terrain

The best bit

Its a well known fact you can fit a lot of off-roading into a small space.

Xtreme have surpassed themselves at the Royal Bath and West show ground, with even top class off-road drivers stretching their skills to the max on some of the sections so you’re guaranteed to come away with a big grin on your face.

The course follows a sharply undulating, tight twisty route across man-made obstacles that include rock crawls,big concrete pipe crossings,bridges,steep climbs,heart stopping drops,steps,100ft mud runs not to mention the 40ft tunnel and giant see-saw all topped off with axle snapping natural woodland trails with all these amazing features on one course its easy to understand why Xtreme Offroad has become the choice venue for all those still in search of a real value for money event.

Trials Course

The awesome challenge course is based in a heavily wooded area providing a test of your throttle control, your ability to listen to instructions, overcome fears, anticipate outcomes and position the vehicle accordingly. Using our specially prepared Trials vehicle let’s see if your skill can get you around our seemingly impossible course without hitting any of our marker gates or big trees!!

4×4 Safari

Here you can experience a whole variety of different terrains as your journey takes you over large rocks, through tunnels, over fallen trees, through gullies and under low hanging branches. Behind the wheel of one of our Discovery’s you begin an adventure, never quite knowing just what’s around the next corner.

Quad Safari

Following a tight trail with numerous twists and turns through densely wooded areas, aboard our top of the range, 400cc Honda Fourtracks, there’s not many places you can’t go. As your confidence and ability grows, so we will tackle more demanding terrain – up slippery slopes and down steep descents, through streams, into hollows and over obstacles – you’ll have the time of your life.


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